Tips for conducting door to door market research

Tips for conducting door to door market research
Before you start:
• Work out a few simple questions to ask people, if someone is mentoring you they will be able to help you with these.
• Do wear smart clothes (depending on your business, these may not be the clothes you will wear when you are actually doing your work).
• Do have an identity card. You can wear it round your neck or pin it to your breast pocket so people can see it.
• Do inform the local police of what you will be doing – where and at what times. You may be able to do this over the phone or you could call in at the local police station before you start and show them your ID card and, if they are interested, your survey questions and your thank you note (you never know if some of them may be interested in using your services).

Interview checklist – what to take with you when you go out:
• ID card
• Survey questionnaires
• Thank you notes
• Clipboard
• Paper + pens
• Waterproof bag / plastic wallets for storing unused and completed questionnaires etc
• Business cards, if you have them yet
• Map of the streets / area you are going to visit
• List of streets you are going to visit, so you can write down which houses you have been to and spoken to someone, so you do not disturb them again
• Single sheet of paper where you can record how many interviews you have done in each street / area. You could just check off how many people you have seen by gender /age group
• Mobile phone
• Personal alarm, if you have one
• Refreshments – water / food

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