Research Plus+ Policies

Research Plus+ has clear policies on ethics, equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory action, health and safety and environmental issues.

Ethical Policy

Research Plus+ abides by the Social Research Association ethical guidelines.
Equal Opportunity Policy
Research Plus+ is committed to equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory action.

Research Plus+ aims to ensure that every research subject, sub contractor, job applicant, employee or any person working with, or in contact with, the organisation receives fair treatment irrespective of their age, colour, disability, gender, ethnic origin, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, responsibility for dependents, political affiliation or membership of a trade union.

In undertaking any research or related work Research Plus+ seeks to include the needs of and provision for all age groups, men and women, people of black and minority ethnic origin, people with different sexual orientations and those with any physical or mental disability.

Health and Safety Policy

Details available on request.

Environmental Policy

Details available on request.

Privacy and Cookie Policies

Please see our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

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