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This is to let you know that Research Plus+ closed on 30th June 2019. We would like to thank all our customers and supporters over the past 25 years. You have provided us with many interesting research projects to undertake and we have met many lovely people along the way.

We are still running our network marketing businesses Services Plus+ and RENU 28 and spending more time just enjoying life. We will also be organising the occasional Friday Social – a social event for local business people and friends in a nearby pub.

If you are looking for a local research company, we can recommend Avalon Research in Wreningham, near Norwich ( Do contact Andrew Long and Val Keel to see if they can meet your needs (email: or phone: 01508 488343).

Copies of some of our reports are still available. If you wish to contact us please email us at

Wishing you all well.

Jenny Wilding and Mark Barton

Please note we no longer need any assistance with SEO, improving our website or achieving the front page of Google!

Customer Feedback, Social and Business Research

  • How do we find out if we are being successful?
  • How do we find out what our clients / customers think?
  • How do we find out the information we need to move our organisation forward / develop new policies?

Research Plus+ can help you to answer these questions. We aim to deliver a high quality product in close consultation with you. All projects are tailored to your individual needs. We would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements.

Research Plus+ offers research and related services across a wide range of contemporary social issues. Visit our Social Research page for further information.

Research Plus+ undertakes customer satisfaction, staff surveys and staff stress audits for all types of businesses. Visit out Business Research page for further information.

Research Plus+ is an independent research agency based in Norwich, in the heart of East Anglia. We undertake social / health care research and business research. We work with voluntary, statutory and academic organisations and businesses who are planning new initiatives or who need to look at what they (or the organisations that they fund) are achieving. We can help meet your need for timely information and guidance to help move your organisation forward.

If you are not sure of your precise needs we can arrange a preliminary meeting.
Email us.

“Ignorance is not bliss – it will cost you money”

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